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AITA for taking a first come first service campsite? Listener Write In

Hi guys. I think I’m justified even if I was a bit of an asshole but I’d like an outside opinion of the situation. We planned to go camping memorial day weekend with a few days in advance, and bc everything was reserved for reservation campsites we decided to try our luck with first come first serve sites (FCFS). The rules for the specific park we are staying in are you can only claim a FCFS site when you arrive and if it is not taken by a tent, rv, etc., and you HAVE TO stay the first night you claim it (so if I claim it tonight I have to stay there tonight or else its no longer mine). So we get in late at night and go through the available FCFS sites and find one last one available for a single tent, and a few available for double tents which cost almost twice as much.

We did see a small piece of non official paper with dates from friday to monday but we were there on thursday a whole day ahead. The paper was not a park tag or any official park paper so we figured maybe someone was trying to hold the spot for a friend a site or two away. Again this is not the reservation area we did not steal a reservation.

We took the paper down to put our official claim paper up and pitched out tent for the night as it was pretty late and figured we could deal with it in the morning. Technically we are following all the rules of the park but was this an unjustified asshole move?


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u/mangos247 28d ago

You are fine. That paper wasn’t legit. Enjoy your stay!


u/Chzncna2112 28d ago

Enjoy YOUR SPOT. That was somebody's wishful self entitled try at something not allowed. If officials are around make sure to tell them and show them that piece of trash.


u/EvulRabbit 28d ago

It's FCFS. Not first come first paper.