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AITA for letting my son find out my diagnosis over social media when he wouldn’t talk to me alone Advice Needed


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u/mommamegmiester 27d ago

Your son deserved his karma for being so stubborn with you. Hopefully at the end of the day, this is a wake up call and he will realize life is far too short for a she said she said. If my partner's mother and sister talked poorly about me, not saying you did, the only thing I'd ask him is to talk to them about it so they leave it for when I'm not around. Because at the end of the day no matter how much someone tries, they cannot control you. Sounds like you see both sides for the DIL and your daughter. I'm so incredibly sorry about your diagnosis, and your son and daughter-in-law's lacking communication skills.


u/Fire_or_water_kai 27d ago

Sadly, the son will just double down on his stupid, instead of realizing that his actions caused this effect.

OP respected her son's ridiculous boundary, and she doesn't have to make herself, the actual person in crisis, even more uncomfortable for the sake of her son's wife.

I hope OP kicks cancer's ass.


u/feelingkozy 26d ago

My dyslexia switched cancer and OP and I got REALLY worried 😭

Edited cause I realized I misspelled dyslexia