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Well done sir❤️

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u/dogfooddippingsauce 28d ago

This man has done more than Bezos and Musk combined for our world. Thank you, Sir!


u/Redditor_Rumble 28d ago

Just out of curiosity, have Bezos and Musk done anything at all for our world?


u/dogfooddippingsauce 28d ago

Made people feel better about their parenting skills?


u/skijakuda 28d ago

And at a fraction of the cost. Give this man a Twitter account.

It will always be Twitter. X==porn


u/thehillshaveI 28d ago

Sehmus Erginoglu, in Mardin, Türkiye

(it sucks that that meme twitter account didn't bother to credit the guy)


u/Felstorm1231 28d ago

Dude heard someone say: “society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit” and took it as a personal challenge.

Shit, he may have set the record for most shade thrown by any individual…


u/Smart-Stupid666 28d ago

The older I get, the less payback I care about when I plant something. I'm trying to get some trees for my yard that will last after I'm gone.


u/Previous-Choice9482 26d ago

For heaven's sake, don't plant them in South Carolina. Apparently, people here subscribe to the "less is more" concept where trees are concerned. I've lived here for five years, and my uncle, the owner of the rentals I currently live in, and the owner of the wooded pond down the street have all decided lawn is superior to trees, and cut ALL of them on these three properties down. The pond guy is even going beyond clear-cutting... he's burning the remaining plants once the trees are gone. The pond is now mostly mud, because we've had two days of heavy rain, and there's nothing there to catch the run-off now.

And, again - this is South Carolina. Summers here are brutal and where we had shade to keep our unit cool when we moved in, we now have an oven for 10 months out of the year.


u/Inevitable-Run8802 27d ago

Love this quote.


u/frieswithnietzsche 27d ago

If only we had billionaires who did these things


u/Hahawney 27d ago

Or even billionaires who read things such as this, and paid the person a few measly millions.


u/AdMaterial1003 27d ago

That's awesome 


u/delyha6 28d ago

A good guy.


u/ozmundo6 28d ago

I read a book in my French class about a guy who did something similar, but i think he was fake


u/Gullible-Test-6268 28d ago

The Man who Planted Trees. Not fake.


u/Set_in_Stone- 27d ago

From 2022…


u/tommm3864 27d ago

A labor of love is rewarded and the world wins.


u/Someoneoverthere42 28d ago

The landscape portrait of Dorian Grey


u/AtownBill 27d ago

Tremendous feat. Where is the forest? Is it to be logged in the future?


u/mli 28d ago

Man with a picture of a desert he destroyed.


u/My_useless_alt 28d ago

In most cases, that "desert" is actually a forest that had been logged a few years previous then abandoned