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Our rights are at stake in November. Vote accordingly

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u/blandocalrissian50 28d ago

They left out: The right to unionize Loosening child labor laws Defunding public education Marriage equality Affordable Healthcare (which should be free) NATO membership Voting rights I mean, the list is so long. It's literally insane.


u/LegitimatePrize249 28d ago

Working your entire adult life already sucks, and now they want children working (in horrible, dangerous conditions, I might add). Couple that with them taking our rights to our bodies away as women, these fuckers are in for a nasty surprise on November. We're pissed and we will make our voices heard at the ballots.


u/Knight___Artorias 28d ago

The most likely guy to get elected as my state’s next governor believes in overturning interracial marriage. I’m in an interracial relationship.


u/LegitimatePrize249 28d ago

I am so sorry you're dealing with that bullshit. I really don't want to see this country go to the bad place. Vote like hell in November.


u/Knight___Artorias 28d ago

I plan on voting blue all the way down the list but I’m afraid it will do no good as my state is filled with hateful idiots who refuse to vote for anything other than a republican just to “own the libs”


u/LegitimatePrize249 28d ago

Their mentality is so infuriating. They fuck ALL of us while fighting a battle that exists only in their mind.


u/Stock-Disaster-8388 28d ago

Republicans want to take away our freedoms, Democrats want to protect and expand them.

Where republican states are banning reproductive healthcare, every single state with a Democratic trifecta (governor and both leg. chambers) has expanded abortion rights protections. Every single one.

The difference between the two parties could not be clearer.

Vote blue, my friends



u/Brilliant_Cap_3726 28d ago

Thank you for laying out the stakes of this election.

If Biden wins then unions are protected and expanded, women’s rights are protected and expanded, and our choice to keep on voting after 2024 is protected!

If Trump wins then he will be “dictator on day one” and will demolish what’s left of women’s rights in this country.

Vote. Volunteer. Donate. Anything is better than nothing.


u/[deleted] 28d ago

They’re coming for birth control too. So if you like fucking, vote Democratic.


u/RabidPlaty 28d ago

Also coming for porn. So if you like wanking, vote democratic.


u/DrCool13 28d ago

Odds 2 to 1 there's gonna be the "But Genocide Joe!!!!" people from their ivory towers in the comments and quotes.

I'm no fan of how Biden is handling it, but you must be either really shortsighted or an accelerationist hiding under the progressive name if you think Trump can do better because "there was no conflict under his presidency!"


u/Geichalt 28d ago

an accelerationist hiding under the progressive name

This is most of what you're hearing online.

There's a large contingent of leftists online that hate capitalism more than fascism, and are quite happy to let a fascist dictator take over just to make sure the liberals suffer.

Just like their counterparts in 1930s Germany.


u/red286 28d ago

Odds 2 to 1 there's gonna be the "But Genocide Joe!!!!" people from their ivory towers in the comments and quotes.

On the plus side, those people weren't going to vote anyway.


u/bisforbenis 28d ago

99% of the “Genocide Joe” comments are disinformation bots/accounts

No one who actually gives a shit about Palestinians is going to want to give ANY chance for Trump’s policy of being 100% down with Israel’s “burn it to the ground approach” to take hold.

I think there’s reasonable people who would like Biden to push back harder, but the “I’ll let Trump win to show the Democrats that they were wrong for not pushing back harder” isn’t an opinion anyone who actually cares about the suffering of Palestinians, and it’s VERY in line with disinformation efforts to get progressive democrats to disengage from voting.

Not going to work, we won’t get the progressive policies we want until Trump’s brand of extremism gets stomped the fuck out, we contribute to a humiliating defeat for their crazy shit then actually show up for primaries and midterm elections going forward to push the Overton window left and get more progressive politicians in power


u/PhysicalGraffiti75 28d ago

Conservatives scream and cry about freedom and liberty. Yet they fully support policies that are in direct contradiction to those ideals. Make it make sense.


u/toxiamaple 28d ago

We need OVERWELMING turnout. We can't squeak out a win. We need to destroy these ideas by taking charge of both houses and the presidency.


u/FinallyFlowering 27d ago

Transgender people. Republicans literally want to erase everyone that's trans or some semblance of LGBTQ+


u/SnootSnootBasilisk 28d ago

Those are valid points, but think of all the people that aren't you that would be discriminated against, harassed, abused, and ultimately made to disappear if you voted for Trump. Don't you think that's more important than nonsense like "freedoms"?


u/Able-Theory-7739 28d ago

Yeah, but do people actually realize this? Or are their heads so far up their asses they keep lying to themselves that "things were better under Trump" that they'll get that sack of orange shit re-elected and all of our freedoms go out of the window?


u/Captainkirkandcrew59 28d ago

Just VOTE! Register if you need - it’s easy. But VOTE!!!


u/Designer-Contract852 28d ago

Also supreme court justices. Some of them are old , we need a democratic president to pick their replacements.


u/MealDramatic1885 28d ago

Contraception too


u/Pootscootboogie69 28d ago

Remember to Vote! The presidential elections of course matter however a more important thing is going to happen this November 5th.

A total of 468 seats in the U.S. Congress (33 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 5, 2024

United States Congress elections, 2024

It’s good to look at local elections now! Today! For instance I’m in Arizona. Here’s info for all y’all sweating out here with me.

United States House of Representatives elections in Arizona, 2024

But seriously just look up house of representatives and then your state and Info will come up. Get informed on these people now.

Don’t end up like Georgia, District 4.


u/Imadrionyourenot 28d ago

Can't wait for four years from now when the Democrats are running on the same platform because they've done nothing to ensure these are protected.


u/Stock-Disaster-8388 28d ago

What are you talking about?

Democrats are fighting back everywhere they can. If you can't see that, you aren't paying attention.


u/Imadrionyourenot 28d ago

If they actually cared they would have solidified our rights while they were in power instead of giving lip service to it whenever they need votes


u/Masterleviinari 24d ago

Yes, they absolutely fucked up however project 2025 does loom on the horizon.


u/manaswamp40 25d ago

check out rfk jr! biden and trump are threats to democracy