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I like her!

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u/Understandinggimp450 28d ago

He passed huge tax breaks for the ultra wealthy.


u/Status-Load-5521 28d ago

And raised taxes for the middle class.


u/zoebehave 28d ago

Axed home office write-offs for most workers, too.


u/PikachusSparkyCloaca 28d ago

I’m still mad about that. My studio isn’t a hobby space, damnit. :(


u/Lolvidar 26d ago

And let us not forget the outstanding job he did handling the Covid-19 pandemic /s


u/MornGreycastle 28d ago

I love how Mitch "The Turtle" McConnell said it was totally a tax cut for the middle class. It wasn't his fault they weren't smart enough to increase their withholdings to cover their tax burden. You know? How you need to pay the government more in taxes in order to get a smaller tax return? That's totally a tax cut!


u/outsidehere 28d ago

Exactly! This is what I keep asking myself whenever Trump supporters keep touting that Trump was good at being president. He didn't do anything good. Everyday was a new scandal. Every single day.


u/red286 28d ago

You get some weird answers from them.

I had one tell me about how he'd brokered peace between North and South Korea, despite the fact that, y'know, that never actually happened.

I had another tell me about how Trump got America out of Afghanistan, and then proceeded to blame Biden for the messy withdrawal (that was set up by Trump) and the fact that the Taliban retook the country in 2 weeks (which was going to happen no matter what).


u/Library_Muse 27d ago

That second one? I think we were talking to the same person.


u/Antique_Cricket_4087 27d ago

Trump came in claiming he was going to do XYZ and do it better than everyone.  He didn't even do 5% of what he promised.  And they still defend him.

In the same way that Trump benefitted from running against Clinton, and Biden benefitted from running against Trump, Trump is currently benefitting from running against Biden.

If it was someone else like Newsom or Sanders or literally anyone else, he'd be losing.  Until the system feels like it has been fixed, every election will be about wanting a change and the continuity candidate will lose. 


u/AmyZing532 26d ago edited 26d ago

So here is what I've been told Trump did by a co-worker. 

  • He was tough on China, because he had all those tariffs in place.  Not like that Joe Biden. 

  • Stalled so George Soros and the World Economic Forum couldn't launch their evil schemes.  And he will stalk again, thus thwarting their nefarious, evil machinations and schemes.  And yes, ALMOST EVERY conversation goes to Soros, WEF, the Koch Brothers or Blackrock being the secret evil masters of the world, the Shadowy figures that secretly run everything, because they are all Satanist and have no Jesus. 

  • Had the Abraham Accords in place, which kept peace in the Middle East until Biden let them expire. 

  • Kept Russia scared, and as soon as he left office, Russia invaded Ukraine.   Yes, they would dare not while he was in office.


u/outsidehere 26d ago

Must be tiring to have conversations with Trump supporters


u/AmyZing532 26d ago

Oh, he's voting for RFK.

Yeah, he admits Trump is an asshole, so won't vote for him.  And he won't vote for Biden, because Biden is nothing more than a puppet controlled by George Soros, who secretly controls the Democrats.

But yeah, it can be exhausting.  There are some things we agree on.  But he's the smartest dumbest I know because he'll say something that at first sounds smart, but then you realize how dumb it is.


u/sweetrouge 21d ago

That’s true. I remember when he got banned from twitter and suddenly he was hardly ever in the news. It was so pleasant. It really highlighted how he did or said something outrageous every day that would get him featured in the news. That is fucked up from a POTUS.


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u/Shafter-Boy 28d ago

I did a quick count of the picture. My estimate is a bigillion people. Give or take a couple hundred.


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u/tw60407 28d ago

Bigot. That is the shorter version.


u/Crockodile_Tears 27d ago

I only see a buttload of ppl...and one big butt


u/sdhank3fan619 27d ago

Such a lavish venue.


u/beavis617 28d ago

Every time I see a story about how black people and Hispanics are running away from Biden I think...what has Biden done or not done that's pissing people off and what do they think Trump will do for them. ☹


u/ABenevolentDespot 27d ago

I'm always amazed when I read very enthusiastic college kids rant about Biden and Israel, and how Biden should be voted out.

Were you people in a ketamine coma when The Pumpkin Rapist was in office for four years?

Did you not notice how the orange slimebag worships all autocrats, including Bibi Netenyahu?

The Pumpkin Rapist gets into office, and the first phone call to Bibi will be "Stop jerking around, push the Palestinians into the sea or nuke them. What are you waiting for? My son-in-law is set with plans to build a yuuuge beautiful seaside resort in Gaza! You can have a piece of that. We'll make a fortune."

I know it's a thing that college kids are idealists and love to protest - I was one once.

Y'all need to start thinking about what comes after you torpedo Biden, and boys and girls, you're not gonna like it one little bit.


u/Freya_gleamingstar 28d ago

When I hear someone say they wish trump was back in office, I've started to ask them to tell me what he accomplished. Besides not building the wall, failed china tarriffs, tax breaks for the wealthy, but not for them, stacking the supreme court and tossing out Roe v Wade. If they mention the economy, I remind them he is 100% responsible for inflation as he made sure to keep interest rates at near zero % his entire tenure and then printed money and handed out "stimulus" checks that he insisted have his signature on them.


u/PikachusSparkyCloaca 28d ago

Don’t forget he let hundreds of thousands of Americans die because he couldn’t be asked to listen to actual smart people 


u/SKDI_0224 28d ago

I’ve known a lot of black ladies from the Bronx. They are some bad-asses.


u/Designer-Contract852 28d ago

He killed people with covid and refused to encourage public health initiatives that would saved Americans. 


u/Puzzleheaded-Trip990 28d ago

This lady is my hero


u/MornGreycastle 28d ago

You just need to wait! Trump will totally have the best, most amazing, awesome plan to improve your life, next week. Maybe the week after! Swear! /s (just in case)


u/[deleted] 28d ago

He is a vile person, corrupt and unfit for office.

But New Yorkers will hate him like Golumn hates the Bagginses because he has committed the cardinal sin of making New Yorkers look bad.


u/Dry_Ad3605 27d ago

He hired “all the best people” but they eventually resigned, were fired by him because they wouldn’t break the law, or they ended up in jail for doing what he asked.


u/cerebralpaulc 27d ago

Aside from all the lies that led up to his first term? Yeah, pat yourself on the back buddy, nothing gets past you.


u/ah9116 27d ago

He normalized being a racist and a bigot among many other things. That’s the true appeal.


u/[deleted] 27d ago

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u/Antique_Cricket_4087 27d ago

Lol DEI.  It's amusing how every 18 months the right are fed a new term that they pretend to outraged about.  SJW, Wokeness, Cancel Culture,  groomers, CRT, DEI... Grow up.  

The Democrats are clowns yet they look Churchillian next to the proudly stupid GOP and their band of Anti-social, Injustice Worriers


u/[deleted] 27d ago

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u/Antique_Cricket_4087 27d ago

Lol DEI is an "ideology" now...

Honestly, I was being kind by saying "pretend to be outraged" because actual outrage about all this manufactured shit is just laughably pathetic.

Ah yes, I am a foreign agent here from the Bolshevik-Lesbian nation-state of BernieSanderstan /s

The things you list are all just manufactured outrage. Take DEI or critical race theory, none of it is remotely new.  Yet right wing rags and blogs will start bitching about one out of nowhere and then that becomes the only thing people such as yourself get outraged about.  Again, DEI is not even close to a new thing, but it's funny how it's suddenly the only thing right wing clowns are whining about. Almost like you're just regurgitating whatever talking point someone fed you.