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A reminder from exactly 50 years ago that conservative Supreme Court justices actually had integrity and a sense of duty once upon a time...

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u/dragonfliesloveme 28d ago

Not just Supreme Court Justices, the Republican politicians did too. They went and told Nixon, the sitting President and a member of their party, that if he didn’t resign, they were going to impeach him. The further implication was that he would be found guilty and be referred to the DoJ for criminal charges.

Republicans used to champion the Rule of Law and our institutions. With the maga takeover, the current GOP does the opposite and tears them down and attacks the functioning of our government that made it good.

Fuck maga. Fuck trump, but fuck all of maga.


u/Clever_Mercury 28d ago

Fuck all of Fox News too. They spent the entirety of the Bush administration ramping up a rally effect among their audience and repeatedly pushed the narrative that, if Nixon were president today, no one in his party would impeach him.

They tested the waters and they edged their devoted followers throughout the entire Obama presidency to respond to more and more flashpoints. It was intended. It was priming.

Murdoch and his journalist 'boards' absolutely were trying to rip out the seams that held western civilization together. They've largely succeeded. Destroyed public education, captured regulation, destroyed retirement, destroyed safety nets, captured courts, captured public debate, non-existent economic mobility, wars against vague concepts (immigration, wokeness, liberals, libraries, sexuality, etc.).


u/numb3r5ev3n 28d ago

Yeah, it feels really depressing having called this out for 20 years and people acting like you're "overreacting" or "being partisan." No, we've watched Fox news and AM radio brainwash our friends and family for literal decades and we're tired of it.


u/FindOneInEveryCar 28d ago

the maga takeover, the current GOP does the opposite

To be fair, the GOP had pretty much abandoned the rule of law by the time Reagan left office (e.g. Iran-Contra).


u/R_V_Z 28d ago

Fox News was specifically created so such a thing would never happen again.


u/TheBirminghamBear 28d ago

It's a common misconception that they "had integrity."

They didn't. They were exactly as shitty as they were now. But they were more regulated by norms. The norms bound them. Made them feel unsafe and uncomfortable enough not to break them. Afraid of the damage to their reputation, their image among social circles.

The norms have such been eroded over the past 50 years that they no longer restrain these shitty people in the way they used to.

This is why things must be written down in law. The most dangerous weasel is always the one that comes after the recent generation of weasels, because the weasels chew thorugh the norms little by little, shitting up the place until the norms break and their shitty little weaselness is unchained.


u/Ok_Exchange342 27d ago

I remember members of congress defending nixon's actions.


u/[deleted] 28d ago

Would not happen today!


u/tri_fold 28d ago

What a difference 50 years makes….not even a lifetime, but morals have taken a backseat to greed….


u/Meh_Guy_In_Sweats 28d ago

Yeah, but they had shitty 70s vans not sweet-assed billioniare-provided motor coaches.


u/Amazing_Teaching2733 28d ago

That was before the Republican justices had billionaire sugar daddy’s who could spend unlimited dark money to keep their pets happy


u/LodossDX 27d ago

The Republican Party hadn’t been fully taken over by Dixiecrats in 72. Now it has.