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Yo, Google AI, how long should I stare at the sun for best health?

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u/everythingbeeps 28d ago

I mean we knew AI would try to wipe out humanity, but this is a strategy I'm not sure any of us saw coming.


u/WhyNot420_69 28d ago


u/Hadochiel 27d ago

Artificial, yes, but without the intelligence


u/Debalic 28d ago

We don't know who struck first, us or them, but it was us that scorched the sky.


u/graveybrains 28d ago

We don't know who struck first, us or them, but it was us that scorched the sky. our eyes.

FTFY 🧐 😂


u/ItsDrunkenstein 28d ago

Skynet, you bastard


u/JimmyKlean 28d ago

AI wants to make sure we don't see anything coming apparently


u/CanisMajoris85 28d ago

That’s what I said when AI was suggesting jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge if you’re depressed.


u/Obtuse-Angel 28d ago

And blamed it on a redditor 


u/HiddenAcres37 28d ago

Nah, it's just trying to weed out the stupid and weak-minded.


u/kilofeet 27d ago

Snapchat AI: "for healthier skin dermatologists, herpetologists, and phrenologists recommend warming up your bathwater using an old-fashioned toaster for 30-60 minutes twice per week"


u/canarchist 28d ago

No doubt, Google's lawyers are already preparing themselves to stall any resulting litigation and claim their company bears no responsibility.


u/Throdio 28d ago

I'm sure they already prepared for stuff like this.


u/Spire_Citron 28d ago

Every AI I've seen has had a thing on the page that says to fact check things because they can make mistakes.


u/Far_Indication_1665 27d ago

Cool, so what's the fuckin point of them then?

"Hi, can i get an answer to [question X]?"

"Sure here ya go. But dont trust my answer. In fact, go find another source of info, one that's actually trustworthy, and ask them. Im here just to suckup VC dollars and be the next NFTs"


u/Spire_Citron 27d ago

I guess it depends what you want to ask about and how important it is. I don't know that I'd find the built in search one useful currently, but there are a lot of things that people use LLMs for more generally that aren't asking for factual information.


u/GonzoVeritas 27d ago

They're going to have a problem unique from their previous services. They used to serve links, so they weren't responsible. Now they are serving the answer directly, directly to the public.

They provide the answer, not the links. They do so with limited disclaimers, contractual agreements, EULAs, etc. Their lawyers are probably very nervous.


u/sleinicke 27d ago

No the AI said they were in the clear, so they didn't bother to ask them.


u/Admirable-Sink-2622 28d ago

Put a fork in the internet.


u/Melodic_Mulberry 27d ago

I for one welcome our new robot ogcdthbssgjjddjphfgj gm


u/Old_Bigsby 28d ago

Is the AI based on Trump speeches? This sounds like it could be coming from Trump.


u/RudanTheRed 28d ago

Worse, Reddit posts


u/RootHogOrDieTrying 28d ago

My God, what have we done?


u/Melodic_Mulberry 27d ago

We had fun. It's their fault for taking us seriously.


u/ColinD1 28d ago

It's even more than that, a true crime podcast that I listen to made up a whole story about a serial killer as an April fool's joke and it has been coming up in searches as a real thing.


u/Barl0we 27d ago

You mean Jamie Loftus’ Grand Rapids Hammer Murders?


u/ratmftw 27d ago

She's never been to Grand Rapids Michigan!!


u/deadsoulinside 28d ago

We did it Reddit!™


u/ishi-hagane 28d ago

Is MAGA medicine running AI. It seems like it everytime I comment the truth on some maga youtube videos it instantly gets deleted.


u/inkslingerben 28d ago

In the future, I can see a defendant in a criminal case using a 'Google defense' - Google said what they did is a proper course of action.


u/Lilash20 28d ago

Didn't someone already try that with chatgpt? It's been a while, but I thought I remembered something about someone trying to defend themselves in court using chatgpt for their legal explanation


u/atsugnam 27d ago

Yes, and it “cited” cases that don’t exist. The lawyers didn’t bother to check…

Turns out a random letter generator isn’t as close to ai as some people thought.


u/Njabachi 28d ago

I'm a bit darker, but if I could have the audacity to suggest our emerging A.I. overlords could provide a color wheel I can compare my skin to, to help me determine how long I can look at the sun without torching my retinas.


u/atsugnam 27d ago

Is google ai racist already….?


u/Melodic_Mulberry 27d ago

Always has been.


u/lauramich74 28d ago

Dr. G. is one of the reasons I am still on that app


u/Puzzleheaded-Foot-23 28d ago

Who really knows which one is right? 🤷‍♂️


u/LuckyNumbrKevin 28d ago

Brb gonna try it. Will update.

Upstate: when will my vidin tryufbm?


u/Squibbles01 28d ago

Feels like it's mixing in some advice on how long to stay in the sun for vitamin D.


u/Melodic_Mulberry 27d ago



u/oblex1312 26d ago

lol irl


u/dogfooddippingsauce 28d ago

Is this marketing from doctors who do cataract surgery?


u/Cactusfan86 28d ago

What’s amazing is google so far is refusing to back down, just brushing off all the blatantly wrong results as a ‘tiny minority’ brought on by ‘weird questions’


u/Tethilia 28d ago

Thank You Google.


u/RedditsAdoptedSon 27d ago

well we havent tried it right? sure blindness at 1st but once youre up to the 30 min mark.. maybe 20/20 vision again n then some.. ultra efficient digestion .. run faster


u/Dispro 27d ago

True, I've heard accounts of Earth's yellow sun giving people incredible powers.


u/diexose 28d ago

Maybe by eye they mean “perineum sunning”. /s


u/jcrestor 27d ago

It seems to me like it’s too easy to send LLMs on wild goose chases. They too often seem to assume that the prompt is a true statement. There is an assumption in the prompt, and Gemini went into full confirmation bias mode, trying to come up with a plausible sounding answer. LLMs got to learn to critically assess prompt information and challenge them. True reasoning.

This is by the way why I developed the habit to prompt open questions with as few assumptions as possible.


u/coolcool23 27d ago

This is why "AI" is not currently AI. All we have is automation. In this case it's automated text generation.

These LLMs are only trying to provide the next likeliest word, for each word. They can be tweaked into oblivion but likely will never cover every corner case because at the end of the day they are just following fuzzy math and statistical models as to what word comes next, unless someone tells it to respond in a specific way based on specific prompt input.


u/jcrestor 26d ago

This is an often repeated sentiment, and I think it’s a little bit misleading.

First off, there is no globally accepted definition of intelligence. Therefore any statement about an entity‘s intelligence is inherently problematic.

I think everybody will agree that the intelligence of an LLM is not identical with human intelligence. But clearly there are very obvious parallels and similarities.

I personally think that LLMs adequately simulate some parts of the functionality of human brains, but others are missing, and crucial ones at that. In order to improve their reasoning LLMs need functionality for level 2 thinking. Right now they produce answers right out of their "intuition" and association. It’s like asking a human to not think about their next answer. For many questions the answer will be on point, if the prompted information is deeply ingrained like the sum of 4 and 4 or the capital of France. But level 2 thinking will not work well, because you will have to deeply think about your answer first.

Second I don’t think that belittling LLMs is a useful approach. For example I would say that human brains also follow fuzzy math and statistical models. And we also try to provide the most likely next word. It has to be, because both systems are neural networks and we live in a material universe, we both are pure matter and energy. Still both are not functionally identical … yet.

I just don’t find it enlightening to talk about LLMs in a way that somehow tries to put as much distance between them and us as possible. Instead I like to focus on finding out how to use them in a beneficial way.


u/oblex1312 27d ago

AI is so broken and dangerous right now. I'm amazed no one is listening to scientists arguing against it's over-implementations in this early stage. Plus the carbon footprint is appallingly inefficient.


u/Melodic_Mulberry 27d ago

I don't think the late stage AI will be much better.


u/oblex1312 27d ago

Hard agree. People will call you a luddite for not being an early adopter of broken tech, but I've worked behind the scenes long enough to know that it's getting much worse very soon.


u/Melodic_Mulberry 27d ago

Friendly reminder that the Luddites were arguing for labor rights, and were systematically slandered as the "Ooh, technology scary" people.


u/oblex1312 27d ago

🌟Historical context, thank you. Also entirely relevant as history repeats itself.


u/coolcool23 27d ago

The capitalistic system is what is leading us here. All these companies racing to be "first" to the LLM/AI game and make "the big one" that everyone uses so they can cash out... so they release buggy and unmanageable models that do stuff like this.


u/TILTNSTACK 27d ago

Looks like people have discovered the power of “inspect element” to create fake screenshots.


u/Melodic_Mulberry 27d ago

But Google can't prove it's fake. This is what happens when you take your hands off the steering wheel: you lose control and you're at fault.


u/-Jiras 27d ago

5-15 minutes? My eyes start to burn the moment I look directly into the sun


u/Jealous_Diamond9487 26d ago

I just did it, I didn’t get that answer?


u/ItsDrunkenstein 28d ago

Whatever, next you’ll tell us that COVID was dangerous, masks work, vaccines are healthy, and Biden won legally.


u/Melodic_Mulberry 27d ago

I think you're missing the point. The AI will tell you that masks are dangerous, Biden works, Covid is healthy, and vaccines won legally.