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I love Community Notes!

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u/BlueEyedPumpkinHead 28d ago

These crowd posts are satire at this point, right? They can't really be putting this out on Twitter (it's called Twitter) and think people will believe it, right?


u/iluvumshannigan 28d ago

I don't know anymore. I have lost all hope for people using logic and common sense


u/Adventurous-Event722 28d ago

Does it matter? Trump can post an aerial view of Obama's inauguration, and claim it as his, and his base will believe it. 


u/CleverInnuendo 27d ago

The original false post got called out for what it was, so he deliberately posted more obviously fake ones to cover his ass as a sort of wave-off that he was always joking.

Other people either haven't caught on or try to do the joke too, it seems.


u/xero111880 27d ago

Twitter is a cesspool with musk lurking on the idea of changing comm. notes. Enjoy them while we can. Wouldn’t be surprised if his algorithms push the propaganda ahead of others. They have figured out a way of social mind control, so please vote and vote blue this year. Let’s take the country back for the people!


u/Burnvictim49percent 28d ago

Every time he has a rally or shows up somewhere they commemorate it with pictures from another event. Such a weird way of showing admiration for the man.



u/Specialist-Life-3849 28d ago

right, a chef named gruel


u/gdmfsobtc 28d ago

named gruel

He is actually a really good chef - well, his food looks fabulous anyway. And his cooking tips are spot on.

And this is clearly a shitpost.


u/Budget-Bench-6202 28d ago

Yep, he even says it's unreal, haha


u/bb_kelly77 28d ago

Tbf it doesn't have to be a shitpost for him to be a good chef... example: my grandma is pretty racist and I hate her but GODDAMN are her Salmon Cakes amazing.... hmm, I should see if my mother knows how to make them


u/whatiamcapableof 28d ago

Where are all the red hats?


u/Motor-Ad5284 27d ago

And the flags?


u/SniperFrogDX 28d ago

Why do they keep trying this?


u/Jealous-Network1899 28d ago

Because lies are all they have 


u/bisforbenis 28d ago

Because for all those that see through it, not everyone does. That and repeating a lie frequently and loudly enough and giving the impression of greater popularity than you actually have are genuinely effective propaganda techniques


u/GhostShmost 27d ago

Yo the Trump crowd was crazy today.


u/Groundbreaking_Tip66 28d ago

Well, He's not wrong. The picture is "unreal" as it pertains to trump's crowd.


u/Risky_Bizniss 28d ago

I want to see them attribute a pic of Woodstock '99 to a Trump rally. It would be funny.


u/this_knee 27d ago

I love it when a plan comes together.


u/Fatal_Furriest 27d ago

tRump supporters are fiercely traditional

So traditional, they even drive 1970's vehicles, including their event organizers. Just look at those MY1971 trucks and vans at the bottom left, with era accurate plates

Traditional values


Plus the other day, they got Obama to campaign for trump in NY, as per their own aerial photo



u/monkey_trumpets 27d ago

Is there even a place in the Bronx that could hold this many people?


u/Epicurus402 27d ago

That's exactly right- its the music festival at Watkins Glen. And I was there in '73. Trump lies about everything! EVERYTHING!!


u/onvaca 27d ago

The Republican Party is very good at propaganda and Trump will probably get elected because of it.


u/Mega_auditor1819 27d ago

Bro thinks he’s Madonna.


u/ctiger12 27d ago

Did anyone see the photo on MSNBC? Yes, a historical archive of the 1973 festival.


u/amgine_na 27d ago

Obviously not a maga event. Not one oversized tRump/confederate flag is seen in the pic.


u/blandocalrissian50 28d ago

Trolling I see.