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Man mid "integration". He has won his case for "psychological torture" at hands of police. *interrogation

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u/chewychaca 27d ago

"A California city has agreed to pay $900,000 to a man who was subjected to a 17-hour police interrogation in which officers pressured him to falsely confess to murdering his father, who was alive.

During the 2018 interrogation of Thomas Perez Jr by police in Fontana, a city east of Los Angeles, officers suggested they would have Perez’s dog euthanized as a result of his actions, according to a complaint and footage of the encounter. A judge said the questioning appeared to be “unconstitutional psychological torture”, and the city agreed to settle Perez’s lawsuit for $898,000, his lawyer announced this week." - Sam Levin contributor for The Guardian newspaper


u/AverageRoaster 27d ago

it's fucked up that the judge can agree that the man went through "unconstitutional psychological torture" but the guys who unconstitutionally psychologically tortured him don't go to prison or anything


u/mudra311 27d ago

They’d have to be charged for that to happen. The judge can’t charge them.


u/vertigo1083 27d ago

The prosecutor can.


u/mudra311 27d ago

Right. And they’re not going to.


u/davilller 27d ago

That’s because one bad apple spoils the barrel. As long as they continue to let that one guy get away, they are all complicit.


u/varitok 27d ago

My city literally just went through a manslaughter trial against a guy who ran over a cop in a panic (Since all of them rushed the mans car with guns drawn in plain clothes while his pregnant wife and son were in the car) where three different cops all colluded to lie about what happened and they were only caught because there were cameras in the car park but coveniently that was revealed when the jury was already deliberating. (The guy was innocent anyways and acquitted of all charges)


u/TethysOfTheStars 27d ago

That’s terrifying! If people in regular clothes rush your car with guns drawn, who would do any different, even if you’re alone? One man with a gun might be a car jacking. I might not risk taking a life/dying to save my car. It really depends on how it plays out, how I’d react. A bunch of guys rushing my car? My first thought is they’re taking me and any of my passengers hostage and if we stay here we’re already DEAD. Vroom vroom!

The worst part of this situation is even now that this guy’s been acquitted, it’s not over. He’s a ‘cop killer’ who got away with it in the eyes of the local police. I’d move away asap if I were in his shoes.


u/varitok 27d ago

My thoughts exactly. A lot of these cops are gang like thugs who 'protect their own'. Its why they lie in the first place.

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u/Black_Moons 27d ago

Id move further away then the cops who mishandled Uvalde did.

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u/rbrgr83 27d ago

Officers should be the ones paying, not the taxpayers.

They should also be in jail, or at least fired. But no, 3 are still employed, and one retired since (likely with full benefits).


u/iamcalifornia 27d ago

I've been saying this for years. If we start paying their victims out of their pensions, they'll start shaping up real quick.


u/sam-sp 27d ago

They should be like doctors and held fiscally responsible when sued, therefore carry liability insurance. The insurance carriers would quickly figure out who the bad apples are and drop them, much better than the cities will, as the unions will protect the bad ones.


u/RigbyNite 27d ago

In other words they should act like a profession and not a gang masquerading as a union.


u/LydiaDeets7 27d ago

100% agree that cops should have to carry professional liability insurance.

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u/[deleted] 27d ago

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u/[deleted] 27d ago

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u/SolidGearFantasy 27d ago edited 27d ago

Steering said police did not, however, inform Perez Jr that his father was alive and instead kept him isolated in a psychiatric hold for three days while he believed both his dog and father had been killed.

Those cops should be in jail.


u/G0celot 27d ago

He attempted suicide in that time too.


u/HallowskulledHorror 27d ago

It's an extra mindfuck for me on just how little accountability there is for cops, because had he succeeded in his attempt - as in, if an innocent man had been tortured so effectively and for so long that in his despair he killed himself and died due to the cruelty and negligence of these officers - they'd likely be facing the same level of consequences right now... which as far as I'm hearing is nada.

They didn't let it drop at all once his dad was found to be alive. They were like "well, he definitely confessed to hurting someone, so we're going to search his house now, too!"


u/Martianonice 27d ago

Makes me wonder how many times something like this happens, but we dont learn about it.


u/afrothundah11 27d ago

Farm more often than the ones we hear about, by an order of magnitude or two.

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u/ParsonsIsTheMan 27d ago

I don't understand did the police think his father was dead? What fucking prompted this in the first place


u/SolidGearFantasy 27d ago

The poor guy noticed his father didn’t come home one day, and called the police. The police in their infinite wisdom thought he was too “calm” for someone whose father is missing, and brought him in for questioning.


u/halloni 27d ago

"Well, lets not assume the worst..."


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u/drewskibfd 27d ago

Guilty til proven innocent apparently

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u/andynator1000 28d ago

How about put the cops in fucking prison. This story is so fucked.


u/Its0nlyRocketScience 27d ago

That'll never happen. Cops are above humans when it comes the law.


u/iamcalifornia 27d ago

I saw a very good quote about this year's ago that is even more relevant now than it was then:

"Sometimes people use 'respect' to mean 'treating someone like a person' and sometimes they use 'respect' to mean 'treating someone like an authority'.

And sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say 'if you won't respect me I won't respect you' and they mean 'if you won't treat me like an authority I won't treat you like a person'.

And they think they're being fair but they aren't, and it's not okay"


u/Cheddarlicious 27d ago

We have another one. Who used cop and law in the same sentence.

Oh wait, no, I’m not resist—……

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u/KyeMokoma 27d ago

Officer's names are Ronald Koval, Jeremy Hale, David Janusz, Robert Miller


u/JamesLaceyAllan 27d ago

The nasty little bastards abused his dog and dumped her at a pound, when he finally found her she couldn’t walk and required surgery…

they deserve worse than being fired.


u/DookieShoez 27d ago

Nah, take it easy man. They should be fired

from a cannon into the sun.


u/ramblingnonsense 27d ago

Or just save time and aim it directly at a brick wall.


u/DookieShoez 27d ago edited 27d ago

Nah, the brick wall is worth more. Might damage it.

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u/KGBFriedChicken02 27d ago

Worse, they told him she was euthanized.

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u/Commercial-Falcon653 27d ago

I think a little fire is exactly what they deserve.

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u/dheebyfs 27d ago

which town are they from?


u/mesmereyesed 27d ago

Fontana, California


u/Yara__Flor 27d ago

Fon-tuckey (like Kentucky) that’s what normal people in LA call our hick cousins in the 909

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u/how_small_a_thought 27d ago

you mean the Ronald Koval, Jeremy Hale, David Janusz, Robert Miller who tortured a guy? that Ronald Koval, Jeremy Hale, David Janusz, Robert Miller? that ones who tortured a guy? i heard that Ronald Koval, Jeremy Hale, David Janusz, Robert Miller tortured a guy. there was a guy that was tortured by Ronald Koval, Jeremy Hale, David Janusz, Robert Miller.

Ronald Koval, Jeremy Hale, David Janusz, Robert Miller torture Ronald Koval, Jeremy Hale, David Janusz, Robert Miller torture Ronald Koval, Jeremy Hale, David Janusz, Robert Miller psychological torture conviction.

eat your fuckin heart out new google search ai.


u/Palachrist 27d ago

It’s frustrating to see people like that receive no public shaming.

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u/WeAreClouds 27d ago

That's real nice that he won the money that the taxpayers have to pay but these sick motherfuckers need to be FIRED. Yesterday. And there needs to be a nationwide database made a long time ago now that blacklists sick fucks like this so they can never under any circumstances work in any other related field or as an officer anywhere. ALAS THO. This shit makes me LIVID!!!


u/jebusgetsus 27d ago

They need to be in prison.


u/kultureisrandy 27d ago

Gen Pop only

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u/3rdp0st 27d ago

Police unions should have to pay the fines and damages.  A federal licensing agency should make sure they can't work as police anywhere in the country.  In this case, they should be out in stockades in front of City Hall.


u/styrolee 27d ago

The best solution would be a professional insurance system similar to doctors and lawyers malpractice insurance which is required to be paid by each officer before they can be licensed to serve. This insurance would compensate victims of police brutality, and since rates would be determined on an individual basis, only bad police officers whom get in trouble would pay the high insurance premiums, while your average officer with no complaints would pay an extremely low rate. Eventually, repeat offenders would loose their insurance completely (because the insurance program would refuse to insure risky officers). This would also ensure that bad officers cannot go to other departments, because insurance programs are incentivized to run thorough background checks on new officers and carrying over their previous service records.

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u/WeAreClouds 27d ago

Extremely accurate!

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u/MotorBicycle 27d ago

That money isn't even worth it for the suffering he went through.


u/AGuyNamedEddie 27d ago

I agree. Less than $1m? It should have been ten times that.
And those cops should be charged with assault or something. That was fucking CRIMINAL what they did.


u/eduadinho 27d ago

Torture and false imprisonment on top off that.

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u/ElMatadorJuarez 27d ago

Never surprised, but Jesus did that make my blood boil. There’s no reason why people like this should walk around free, whatever their job is - people who can just torture a guy like that for basically no reason make me feel a lot more unsafe than whatever they supposedly protect me from.


u/ThrillSurgeon 27d ago

The police were getting a thrill out of this.


u/Bi-elzebub 27d ago

Yeah, they thought it was funny and liked the way it made them feel. One of them is even smirking at the guy having a breakdown from the torturing he's doing.

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u/No-Imagination9841 28d ago

I'm beginning to think officers of the law aren't very well versed in the law.


u/zanakil 28d ago

I learned yesterday that they don't even have to 🤯


u/Gerreth_Gobulcoque 27d ago

Pretty sure courts have ruled over and over again in favor of cops who arrested people for no reason because they "thought" the alleged perps were doing something illegal. Rulings said that cops can't be held accountable if they could "reasonably believe" that the thing they caught someone doing was illegal.....even if it wasn't.


u/PineappleGrenade 27d ago

The crazy thing is, non-law enforcement citizens can't use ignorance of the law as a defense while the cops wear it with pride.


u/No_Fig5982 27d ago

Let's all become cops then we can do whatever we want all the time bro


u/Gr8_Wall_of_Text 27d ago edited 27d ago

I've said it before, if I was going to become a criminal, I'd become a police officer first.

You can get away with many crimes just by having a badge. It makes sense that many cops would break the law because the position attracts a certain type of person.


u/Rottimer 27d ago

Not only that, but if you’re caught, you have a much lower chance of being convicted. And if you are convicted your sentence is going to be a lot more lenient than for a civilian. There are cops that have killed people and gotten off with probation.


u/keepcalmscrollon 27d ago

It's gotta be said every time: law enforcement officers are civilians. It's a crucial distinction.

Referring to people outside their profession as civilians is a strong sign of the problem. It's part and parcel of the jumped-up bully psychology that motivates these bastards. It reinforces an us against them mentality, turning the general population into an "other", and justifying their martial fantasies.

They're civilian public servants whose job is to protect and serve buy plenty of them seem to be confused about that. Instead they're out there cosplaying Judge Dredd or John Wayne or something. Champing at the bit to prove and/or amuse themselves with acts of violence.

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u/spenwallce 27d ago

The courts have long held a few different things 1. Cops don’t have to legally help you 2. Cops don’t have to know the law to “enforce it” 3. Cops are allowed to lie to you as much as they want


u/zanakil 27d ago

nice summary from what I read yesterday 👍

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u/badbrotha 28d ago

When the law can allow an officer to lie, what the fuck is the truth

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u/jazzmaster4000 27d ago edited 27d ago

Turns out they don’t care because there is an endless purse to clean up their mess. They can just go on home, beat their wives and move on


u/Prestigious-Nobody78 27d ago

Not just their wives. They can beat our wives too!


u/Vaxxish 27d ago

As the former wife of a police officer, this is more true than anyone want to believe, they get away with literally killing us far too often. I’m lucky to be alive.

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u/throwaway_nowgoaway 28d ago

I cannot even begin to understand how these officers live with themselves. Why are people like this. I almost never call anyone dehumanizing names because hate just breeds hate. But damn, people like this make it so hard…


u/pokedmund 28d ago

What is worse is that the city (us, taxpayers) had to pay $900,000 to the poor guy, and we have no idea if the police officers involved were charged/let go.

"Fontana police spokespersons and lawyers for the city did not respond to inquiries on Friday and have not said whether any officers faced disciplinary action."

Absolute waste of space


u/skizelo 27d ago edited 27d ago

3 of the 4 are still with the department, I'll track down a source for this in a minute


Three of the involved officers remain employed with the department. One other officer has retired. https://www.sbsun.com/2024/05/23/fontana-pays-nearly-900000-for-psychological-torture-inflicted-by-police-to-get-false-confession/


u/BuffaloInCahoots 27d ago

Probably retired with the full retirement package too. We will be paying for this guy comfy life until he dies.


u/ashy_larrys_elbow 27d ago

I try not to wish ill on people, but I fucking hope that guy gets pancreatic cancer. They’re getting away with torturing and almost killing someone, anything less than prison or a painful end is too good for any of them.

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u/aretheesepants75 27d ago

It's almost like we have to hold the police at a higher standard? Like maybe create some very strict oversight and dole out severe punishments for the abuse of power. I know I sound crazy. How can they protect and serve if we are looking over their shoulders all the time. Sometimes, they need to blow off a little steam.


u/_Azafran 27d ago

Absolutely. If they have power over the rest of us, they should be held to a much higher standard and scrutiny.

In my opinion, these officers at the very least should be serving time in prison, without a job and banned from any public job or responsibilities with special powers for life.

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u/Quinnythapooh 28d ago

Gonna guess no


u/ConnectionIssues 28d ago

Even if they were fired, they'll just move somewhere else and be cops again.

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u/volantredx 27d ago

They likely spent their high school years shoving guys like this in the hall and saying it was "Just a joke bro" when they got in trouble. The guys who become cops tend to be guys who were bullies. They get off on tormenting people. It makes them feel strong.


u/ForwardCulture 27d ago

The guys in my high school who became local cops were all bullies from the football/wrestling teams. One in particular was a violent, racist date rapist. He’s a police detective now in the town we graduated in. I’m high school these guys got away with everything because they were sports stars.

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u/ciaza 28d ago

Culture. "Just following orders". Look up the Nuremberg trials of nazi officers that committed extreme human rights violations


u/zanakil 28d ago edited 28d ago

same in France, the main collaborators were ... you guessed it : cops. At the Vel'd'Hiv event, 5000 to 9000 cops rounded up more than 10 000 people and sent them to the death camps :(



u/sublimeshrub 27d ago

And they'll gladly do it in the US if they get the chance.

All it takes is convincing one group of people that another group isn't human.

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u/EmbarrassedHunter675 28d ago

America’s finest


u/FuckuSpez666 27d ago

Won his case surprised me the most

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u/pat_speed 28d ago


It was found out that police forced a false confession out of men, getting too him too confess that he murdered his father, through a 17 hour "interrogation" which included them bringing his dog and saying if he didn't confess, they would euthanize the dog.

It was found out his father was alive


u/winterharvest 28d ago

Not just alive. He was at LAX boarding a flight.


u/sdf_cardinal 28d ago edited 27d ago

He was coerced into believing he did it while they withheld his medication and after lying to him that they found his father’s body with stab wounds. He then tried to hang himself when left alone. He was then placed under a 3 day psychiatric hold. Even though the police soon learned his dad was alive they didn’t tell him while he was in the psych ward, allowing him to believe the entire time that his father was dead and that the police euthanized his dog. Then the cops sent his dog to the pound.

Good news is he was able to track his dog down


u/Taka_no_Yaiba 27d ago

and then they wonder why ppl say "fuck the police"


u/Graffy 27d ago

LAPD tried to get a shirt that said "fuck the Lapd" taken down. Were told, literally, "LOL, no" and the shirt sold out due to the exposure.

The more official reply basically said if the Lapd doesn't want people to buy "fuck the LAPD" shirts they shouldn't do things that make people want to say "Fuck the LAPD".


u/Beer-Milkshakes 27d ago

Obligatory: Nobody chants "fuck the fire brigade"


u/SurprisedPotato 27d ago

But they do buy the calendars.


u/Beer-Milkshakes 27d ago

And they probably do actually want to fuck at least some of the fire brigade.

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u/vh1classicvapor 27d ago

The fire department actually tries to save lives rather than end them. They try to end catastrphoies rather than start them. They protect and serve. What a concept.

The bad thing is, firefighters and first responders often align themselves with police. You see things like "thin red line" flags for firefighters, in support of "thin blue line" flags for police. Paramedics/EMTs sometimes fall into this as well. That's how Elijah McClain got killed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Elijah_McClain

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u/slightly-brown 27d ago

Yeah, people say that, but what would you do if you were in your bed and some random dudes charged in, didn’t identify themselves and then shot you? Oh, wait, that was the police that did that.

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u/Lore_ofthe_Horizon 27d ago

Time to stop saying fuck the police and start fucking the police. Every citizen is required to know the law, and have perfect control over their emotions under penalty of death, but these former school bullies snowflake cunts walk around with fragile egos looking to start fights that the state will finish for them. Not only immune from the basic application of law, but they become dangerous and enraged at the mere mention that they should be.


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u/Sawgon 27d ago edited 27d ago


EDIT: Laughing at all the American bootlickers replying to me. Fuck outta here.


u/BarelyContainedChaos 27d ago

motherfuckers shot a deaf and blind dog too. fuck cops


u/nsfw_ever 27d ago

I just saw that. Who would do that? Everyone just needs to chill the fuck out. Way too much stress in the world right now. Fuck it, I’m moving the the middle of nowhere. Fuck money.


u/a_corsair 27d ago

Cops are fragile pussies

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u/ordinaryuninformed 27d ago

That was the middle of nowhere btw

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u/ceddya 27d ago

Funny how all the police subs aren't even discussing this. The whole bunch is rotten.


u/BlackMircalla 27d ago

I got banned from r/policeuk cause a cop asked "why do people hate the police" and I cited cases and behaviour that would have to change to make people trust them again

Apparently the answer I was supposed to give was "They just don't want to respect us, and leftists make it seem cool to hate us"


u/No_Fig5982 27d ago

"why is everybody so mean to me" 🥺

Proceeds to violate law abiding citizens rights


u/BlackMircalla 27d ago

The city I live in is famous for the cops bringing random drug charges against people around Christmas, seizing their stuff which they claim was brought with drug money, then dropping the charges and claiming the seized "evidence" was lost. Like that's how Christmas shopping works for them, and I brought it up to a cop I was forced to hang out with irl and he claimed there was nothing wrong with this and it was their fault for being suspicious and also better to steal from random people, than risk one drug dealer being able to buy presents for their kids.


u/No_Fig5982 27d ago

Literal sociopaths, what can you even say to people like that who clearly live in a different reality than the rest of us?

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u/SlackersClub 27d ago

The mods of r/policeuk are so fragile they will ban you for sneezing in their direction. And that's really not that big of an overexaggeration.

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u/NTMY 27d ago

If ACAB wasn't true, the first people to speak out against police brutality would be other members of the police.

They (the 99%+ assumed "good apples") would be furious that these "bad apples" are ruining their reputation.

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u/varnacykablyat 27d ago

Wow this story is enraging. These cops should be sent to prison, and then let them see how well they do.


u/leaf_as_parachute 27d ago

Spoiler : they won't even be fined.


u/tdgarui 27d ago

Nah they’ll announce they quit and then the next dept over will hire them quietly


u/HerstalArmalight 27d ago

nope. one of the officers even got a pension.

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u/R3AL1Z3 27d ago

You forgot to mention that after they found out his father was still alive, they got a warrant to search his home so that they could find a murder weapon because they tried to frame him for killing an “unknown victim”.


u/WonderWendyTheWeirdo 27d ago

Well, I'm glad those cops are finally behind bars now where they belong...right?


u/With_Hands_And_Paper 27d ago

Oh yeah, they are behind bars indeed, sitting in a stool downing beers and flashing their badge to hit on girls

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u/SjurEido 27d ago

I'm sure those cops are still doing it today.


u/Tannom 27d ago

One retired, 3 are still on the force to this day 🫠


u/SjurEido 27d ago

Yet conservatives are willing to do a civil war to protect those fucking pigs.

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u/Majestic_Potato_Poof 27d ago

Honestly if the US sent cops like this to Guantanamo Bay instead of random taxi drivers the world would a much better place

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u/Surfdagon 27d ago

Not only doing it today, but laughing about how they tortured a man half to death. WAY TO GO SHITBAGS!!!!

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u/Nvenom8 27d ago

“Why don’t people trust police anymore?”

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u/375PencilsInMyAss 27d ago

They almost actually had the dog euthanized, they actually took it to a random shelter and didn't tell him where.

Also after this story blew up yesterday, they had this today: https://twitter.com/FontanaPD/status/1789344971209982018


u/pat_speed 27d ago

Man, that's F'd


u/Fantastic-Berry-737 27d ago

It's right there in their recruitment copy. They see themselves as "warriors".

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u/OfficialSmito 27d ago

Seems like they also put their stand up on a handicap parking space.

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u/disnotyaboy 27d ago

Those pigs didn’t even have the decency to go and tell him in the hospital that his dad was alive after he tried committing suicide when he had to falsely confess. How hardened must your heart be to subject someone to that type of psychological torture?


u/Liobuster 27d ago

Its easy if you think you are the only human being involved


u/Phineas1500 27d ago

dehumanization is a great technique to justify doing terrible things to others. it's how fascists did it then and are doing it now.

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u/BumpyMcBumpers 27d ago

Jesus fuckwhistle. There is no consequence that could be too harsh for those officers.


u/Crystal_Voiden 27d ago

There is no consequence that could be too harsh for those officers.

What a world


u/Notaro_name 27d ago

"Fontana police spokespersons and lawyers for the city did not respond to inquiries on Friday and have not said whether any officers faced disciplinary action."

Maintaining silence, no apology, no consequences, disgusting!

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u/[deleted] 27d ago

Threatening to euthanize the dog is psychotic. I would instantly fold.


u/Shit_Pistol 27d ago

You should see the statistics on how many dogs American cops do kill in a year. It’s disgusting.


u/MistbornInterrobang 27d ago

Both those fucking cops need to be in prison

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u/artificialavocado 28d ago edited 27d ago

Have you seen the one of the young guy who they interrogated without realizing he was shot in the face? Like he wasn’t even making sense. He died later btw.

Edit: ok I get it he died 10 years later. Everyone keeps replying the same thing.


u/Alpacas_ 28d ago

That one is wild.

Guy was shot, found with his dead family. They took him in, he was super disorientated due to having been shot in the god damned head

They held him for hours and wouldn't bring him medical treatment, because no one really noticed he had been shot in the fucking head in spite of him telling them such.

I believe one of them told him no, you'd be dead right now if you were.


u/artificialavocado 27d ago

Even if you say hey getting shot in the face and still being walking and talking is crazy, just looking at the kid it looked like someone bashed his face in and clearly had a concussion at the very least. The even crazier part is, that altercation was like 2 days prior. He was wandering around that apartment with his dead gf on the couch doing god knows what too messed up to even call for help.


u/monizizz 27d ago

Ryan Waller and Heather Quan. Such a messed up story :(

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u/boopboppuddinpop 27d ago

Yup. He was shot in such a way that the round went in through the corner of his eye and wasn't terribly noticeable other than the swollen head and face.

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u/downvotetheboy 27d ago

it makes 0 sense that they didn’t bring him medical treatment. there’s literally no downside in doing so


u/RedofPaw 27d ago

There's no downside to anything they do, due to a lack of consequences.

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u/I_Speak_In_Stereo 27d ago

The cruelty is the point.


u/[deleted] 27d ago

They probably think he's intoxicated and want to get a dodgy confession out of him before it wears off.

It could also just be a power move "You don't get anything until I'm satisfied"

They should clearly be fired for making assumptions that caused a man's death. It's basically manslaughter they kidnapped, refused a victim life saving treatment and probably caused stress that exacerbated his injury resulting in death.

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u/Zabacraft 27d ago

Didn't he even had an exit wound under his eye? It was such a hard video to watch.

Poor guy was doing all he could to try and explain what happens but struggled so hard retrieving the correct words.

I remember him explaining people came in and shot 'with bows and arrows'. That really seared itself into my brain.

Like God damn even not being a trained professional of anything medical, anyone with working hearing and working eyesight could see this guy needed medical attention IMMEDIATELY.


u/Umutuku 27d ago

Like God damn even not being a trained professional of anything medical, anyone with working hearing and working eyesight could see this guy needed medical attention IMMEDIATELY.

This is why law enforcement shouldn't be an entry level profession, and should require some number of years with a clean record in a field that is dedicated to the physical/mental health, safety, and wellbeing of human lives before even qualifying for pre-employment law enforcement training. If two uniforms show up at your door would you rather they be a couple guys that came out of high school with a chip on their shoulder, or a couple people with 5 years of experience as a paramedic and therapist?

If you're thinking "there aren't enough people in those kinds of jobs to fill law enforcement rosters" then we need to be funding more of those jobs that are highly beneficial to society and not inherently aggressive until there are enough of them to produce surplus qualified candidates for law enforcement needs. The more we have of the first group helping people avoid or deal with the problems that lead to ambient crime, the fewer total law enforcement positions we'll need in our cities anyway.

What's better than requiring police to hold an advanced college degree? Hiring people that already work in a field that requires one or has comparable educational standards, and that already know better when it comes to basic things like "not making a human's vital signs worse through your actions or inaction."


u/TheNimbrod 27d ago

Fun Fact that was it is in Germany for example. To be there police officer not detective or something like that ordinary person doing patrol:

  • 30-36 Month training on average
  • minimum Highschool Diploma most got College Diploma
  • to even start it you have to pass: intelligent test: from grammar, math, conginitve test etc;Fitness test: 3km run (17min 50 sec up to 19 min 50 sec depending on your age class) or 10km run (63 min 20 sec up to 74 min 10 sec depending on your age class), German liveguard Certifacation (swiming); a Interview; A group Interview; A doctors axamination that you are able to serve
  • in the training you learn: criminal law, police law, public administrtion law, contitutional law, special security law, police knowlesge inlcuding photographie, crimeneology, english, political education, serve law (basically how to be a public servant), Weapon traing and law, Socialstudies, first aid, selfdefense and driving traing. Plus some psychological training and deescalation traing.

oh and of cause we have accountability here. Every police officer has to go in front of a comitee to declare the reasoning why he shot a bullet in this situation, for every single bullet.

Result since 1953 530 people got killed by police in total. In the year 2022 11 in total. The lowest 1990 with 2.

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u/Iceberg1er 27d ago

Maybe we need to really evaluate what is policies role in society. Is it justice and peacekeeping? Or is it enforcement from the rich applied to the poor. Because we are really seeing it be 100% the latter. I mean whistleblowers aren't safe anymore, so yeah it's really important that there role be defined legally.

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u/dogwithablog57 27d ago

He was actually found at the place he lived with his girlfriend after his parents went to check on him after not showing up for Christmas. Shot by an ex roommate. His girlfriend was dead but he survived and still managed to move around the apartment until he was found


u/CherryRude6772 27d ago

Yes an officer told him he wouldn't be alive if he was shit in the head. I remember watching the interrogation tapes for this. It was heartbreaking how he spent the entire interrogation asking for help before someone realizes he's not moving anymore.

iirc it was a 2h+ session/recording


u/Demon_of_Order 27d ago

the fact that that comes from trained personnel on top of that is just plain stupid. When I was in the army, we were taught to shoot somewhere between the nose and the mouth so that we'd hit the small brain, not sure if that's a scientific term, but the point is, at that point in training, we were trained like any other grunt, and they told us that if the enemy was hit somewhere else in the head there was a real chance they'd survive. If army grunts know it, then a goddamn police officer should too.

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u/DutchPilotGuy 27d ago

Those cops who interrogated him are truly terrible human beings.

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u/BertBerts0n 27d ago edited 26d ago

The officer who was interrogating him should have been fired after that.

But he probably got paid leave and a pay rise.


u/mongoosefist 27d ago

Fired? The guy should be in jail. They basically kidnapped him and made sure he would die.

If you want to be wildly generous to those cops it's still pretty obvious manslaughter 

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u/reachisown 27d ago

And people say it's just a few bad apples, the whole system is corrupt. Time and time again these scum of the earth bullies just get paid leave, promotions and transfers then swept under the rug.

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u/beto_pelotas 28d ago

There is a Netflix documentary series called The Confession Tapes that presents several cases of people who were convicted under a false confession forced by the police. It's worth the watch.

Also, fuck the police.


u/Adorable_Disaster424 27d ago

I think they need a bottom to top restructuring that weeds out abusive people, and doesn't give so much power to the unions to protect bad people.


u/codystockton 27d ago edited 27d ago

Get rid of police unions altogether. I’m all for unions to protect workers in private industry, but police are (supposed to be) public servants. And curtail qualified immunity while we’re at it.


u/1_800_Drewidia 27d ago

Cop unions shouldn’t exist for the same reason a military union doesn’t exist. Armed agents of the state are supposed to follow orders. If we start letting them negotiate over when and how and if they follow those orders, we’ve essentially ceded state power to them.

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u/JustTheOneGoose22 27d ago

The important thing to note here is that this is not an isolated incident that is out of the ordinary for U.S. police. This is just a time that they got caught. They try to coerce confessions all the time. Let's say his dad went to the beach and accidentally drowned---this guy would be doing life in prison.

Now think of how many people were in similar situations to him that are behind bars today.

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u/ForwardCulture 27d ago

A year or so ago I came home very late from an event and as I usually do, sat in my car for a while finishing listening to whatever podcast or YouTube thing I was listening to. A best up older car kept circling the block. I was parked directly in front of my house. After the third time or so of this car coming around slowly, I decided to go inside since they looked suspicious. When I got out of my car, that car backed up and two undercover cops jumped out. That’s when I was ‘detained’. My license clearly showed the address I was parked in front of. My car was registered to me at that address. Car was owned free and clear by me. Every single thing I have them or told them verified it was me and that I live there. Not good enough. Then I was questioned why I was out so late etc. Then was told I was acting suspicious because I didn’t want to answer any more questions and go inside. Surely I must have done something wrong since it was so late. Even after I finally was allowed to go inside, I watched them drive by and check out my car several times. Normal boring car.


u/threebuckstrippant 27d ago edited 25d ago

This is so ridiculous. They have this brain that errs on the side of suspicion rather than on the side of normal occurrences. I’d like to do the stats on some event being a crime or a normal thing. It is likely 0.00001% of things going on “might” be a crime, so why on earth do they treat it like it’s 25% just because they are looking at it like Schrodinger. Greed I say, the more arrests and the bigger the crime the more they are promoted and get accolades, it’s disgusting and I’m sorry this happened to you. Good podcasts are worth the time, don’t stop.

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u/Auggie_Otter 28d ago

Don't talk to the police. Say you want a lawyer and that you're invoking your 5th Amendment rights and if they try to keep asking questions just repeat your demand for a lawyer.


u/thebannanaman 28d ago

No. Invoke your sixth amendment right not your fifth. The fifth just gives you the right to not answer questions, but the police can keep asking them over and over. The sixth establishes that you would like a third party to represent you on your behalf. Any questions the police have for you need to be directed to that third party. That’s why lawyers are called representatives. If you invoke your sixth amendment right all custodial interrogation has to stop.

Disclaimer: just because custodial interrogation has to stop doesn’t mean custody has to stop. This won’t get you magically released and may actually extend your custody because now the process is more involved. Also only applies if you are in custody. If you voluntarily submit to an interrogation that’s on you.


u/Claymore357 27d ago

Also rules are just words, no guarantees the police will give you food or water when in the room. They might just let you die in that cell


u/CaptainDunbar45 27d ago

The county I live in pretty well known for that.

If deaths in police custody were counted in my city's murder statistics it would quadruple it.

4-5 murders a year here. Last year 19 people died while in custody of the police


u/soupinmymug 27d ago

What the fuck man? Have the press ever talked about it? That sounds like a great case for an investigative reporter


u/CaptainDunbar45 27d ago

In typical small town fashion it gets a page 5 mention in the newspaper, and a 15 second slot on the morning news.

I don't know if these news people are scared or just plain incompetent.

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u/hanksredditname 28d ago

Doesn’t stop them from holding you in a tiny cell for 24 hours (or more), and coming back every couple hours to see if you’d like to change your mind.


u/Auggie_Otter 28d ago

Better to face 24 hours in a holding cell than to go to trial with police having your testimony or a coerced confession to use against you and going to prison for years.


u/Mulliganasty 28d ago

Also, once you ask for a lawyer there's at least some chance they'll just let you go. Know your rights.

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u/Justtelf 27d ago

Qualified immunity is gross

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u/rpotty 27d ago

The cops threatened to murder his dog if he didn’t say what they wanted him to… no wonder so many despise the police


u/GalaxyNick 27d ago

They put the dog in a pound after this too. He found the dog again because it was chipped luckily.


u/EnderWarlock01 27d ago edited 26d ago

They said the dog was covered in blood. That because he killed his father, it had to die. They brought it in and said he wouldn't see it again, so to say goodbye. Then they took it out, sent it to a pound, and told him it was dead.

And that was one of many fucked up things they did to him, and yet they didn't get any punishment.

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u/Desdam0na 28d ago

The people who tortured an innocent man to the point he confessed to a murder that never happened and tried to kill himself, and who then kept him detained and let him believe his father and dog were dead for 3 days after they learned no crime had been committed other than their own, have names and addresses.

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u/BrandoCalrissian1995 27d ago

Remember never talk to the police and ask for a lawyer if you're arrested and don't say anything else.

They're not your friends and never have been.

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u/[deleted] 27d ago



u/sunnywormy 27d ago

I was searching 'what is integration torture'. how the fuck did everyone know he meant interrogation torture??

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u/lmaooer2 27d ago

Lmfao scrolled too far to find a comment like thjs

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u/XVIJazz 27d ago

Friendly reminder that the REID technique is based on pseudoscience and results in coerced pleas where the police know the suspect is innocent but tell them to confess anyway, and false confessions. There have been thousands of cases of police pulling false confessions from innocent people.

Remember, say nothing. Demand a lawyer. You need to firmly demand a lawyer. If you say “i should have a lawyer right now” they legally don’t have to give you one. You need to firmly demand a lawyer and assert your right to silence.

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u/Mefs 27d ago

Why doesn't someone create a database where people can give badge numbers of police that people should avoid?

Badge numbers are free information and the public need keeping safe from some of these nutters.

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u/Top_Shape_506 27d ago

This quite literally has to be one of the most evil things I’ve heard of police doing… that must have been horrifying for that guy.


u/Loppie73 27d ago

In my opinion these cops should get life in prison at the least. Absolutely pieces of shit.

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u/ChiAnndego 27d ago

If I'm ever in a situation like this, and being interrogated without immediate access to my lawyer, I'd be very inclined to invoke my superpower, and turn that interrogation into my very own 24 hour TED talk about particle physics or the evolution of the clades of animals that lead to the genus homo.

"Alright guys, I think I have some information that might be of interest. However, we are going to have to start at the beginning, and by beginning, I mean, you must understand the nuances of the forces that constitute matter to really understand what I am trying to tell you."

10 hours later, "It's funny you ask that, but first I gotta explain, 530 million years ago the chordates included the very first fishes, without jaws."


u/PinkFl0werPrincess 27d ago

I'm sure the cops won't do anything bad to you off camera to discourage that


u/KennyMoose32 27d ago

as they are beating you with a phone book

“Trilobites……..are really quite fascinating …….when you look at their evolution”


u/vakulyk 27d ago

Unleash full Colin Robinson

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u/redmondnstuff 28d ago

Acab seems more true every year.


u/[deleted] 28d ago

You don't get into the control business because you're a good fellow.


u/Gr00ber 27d ago

"The major problem—one of the major problems, for there are several—one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them. To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." - Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Part II of the V part trilogy


u/[deleted] 27d ago

In "the taken" series, there's a race of rabbits that assigns political jobs at random and you are the guy for like a week with limited ability to fuck it up.

I want that.

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u/Pete_maravich 27d ago

I assume the cops will have ZERO consequences for their actions. They should have their lives destroyed the way they tried to destroy this man's life for no reason other than they wanted to close the case quickly so they could go home and drink a case of Bud Light

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u/momsasylum 28d ago edited 27d ago

Unfortunately, it’s legal for officers to lie to get people to confess. And if they end up in front of a jury more often than not are found guilty. The thinking is no one confesses unless they are indeed guilty, there are many innocent people in prison (serving life and some have gotten the death penalty) as a result of this practice. This may help catch many bad guys, but one innocent doing time is one too many, this needs to stop.

Source: have family in law enforcement and listen to the podcast Wrongful Conviction.

E: I should have stated that my comment was to say that lying to coerce a confession in general is legal.


u/PinkFl0werPrincess 27d ago

An asshole cop was bitching on reddit about how defense lawyers could lie to him and try and trip him up and make him make an emotional mistake.

How about that...


u/momsasylum 27d ago

🤏🏼 Playing the world’s tiniest violin for that guy.

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u/siraolo 27d ago

Sure but they already knew his dad was alive and they still lied to him. They aren't trying to get a confession or evidence by then, they just wanted to hurt this guy. 

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