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Full English breakfast at my nan's, only cost a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

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I painted a Bus for Kids

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Israel/Palestine Spanish Deputy Prime Minister declares that 'Palestine will be free'', uses 'From the river to the sea' antisemitic slogan - EJP


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Karl Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert have as many win as Joel Embiid past the 2nd round



Ever since this and this got posted and highly upvoted, both Kat and Gobert haven't won a single game yet. They have lost two home games in the conference finals against the Mavs. The Wolves are 0-2 going into Dallas.

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Politics Former general criticizes Canada’s failure to combat antisemitism


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Hate to say it, but Tyrese has been exposed.


Don't get me wrong, he has been electric since coming to the Pacers. He has turned the franchise around. He's redefined the Pacers style of play and for the first time in 20 years, has made playing in Indiana somewhat appealing to other players, whereas typically it would be most players' worst nightmares.

However, he became a media darling and was prematurely anointed as an elite NBA superstar capable of going toe-to-toe with the best. The Celtics have taken it upon themselves to put him to the test and see what he's made of...and they have taken him to the woodshed. He's been in hell, and it began well before his hammy started barking. If the narrative from this playoff run turns into 'Imagine if Hali was healthy'...this franchise is in trouble.

I've never seen an all-star player get so harassed and overwhelmed. Boston has targeted his defense like he's a fan that won a contest and got to play in an NBA game. They have been merciless with their execution, leaving him nowhere to hide, and he has clearly been in over his head. On offense, he's been mostly incapable of going/finishing left and can barely get in the paint at all. To boot, he got the yips and coughed up an improbable victory in game 1.

But the worst thing to see...at least half of the defensive possessions he hasn't even tried. He has not met the challenge. He hasn't shown a lick of heart or pride. Often, at best, he'll make a half-assed effort to reach for the ball as the offensive player passes him by. Many times, not even that. Literally diving out of the way. No accepting of the challenge. No moving his feet. No meeting players at the rim. On the occasions where he does try...he gets turned around, he's completely out of control, or he's completely lost, moving like a chicken with it's head cut off.

And then to add insult to injury, more times than not, he throws his hands up and looks at the bench or at his teammates. As if there was a miscommunication or missed assignment. As if the defensive breakdown was an unsolvable mystery, how could this possibly have happened? It happened because he's a terrible defender with seemingly little interest or determination to address it.
I hope his experience in this series brings out the best in him and leads to an awakening. Maybe it will be the best thing that ever happened to him and the Pacers. Maybe he will look in the mirror and realize things need to change to get to the next level. Maybe Rick seizes the opportunity to get through to Hali. Of course, Hali can still fly up and down the court for the next decade and win 45-55 games every year. He'll put up pretty numbers. He'll make All Star teams. He'll set a bunch of records. It'll be fun to watch.

But if this series doesn't drive the point home, deep into his heart, that his defense, competitiveness, and focus need to improve a hundredfold...the Pacers will not win anything of note.

Hoping for the best.

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More loser activity at PSU. When does to end?


Yet again unemployed, blue haired, Hamas groupies useful idiots have decended upon PSU to wreak havoc for students, staff, and the overall health of the university. Accomplishing nothing by tying up police resources that could be serving the citizens a Portland, and also sending the PSU campus security chief to the hospital due to a heart attack.

Of course PSU’s staunch leader and President yet again allowed chaos to occur under her watch, this time at least before another $1M in property damaged was allowed. Perhaps she learned the last time, negotiating with local terrorists, yields no positive outcome.

All of this for what? So the war that’s bene raging for thousands of years suddenly ends because you chained yourself to a parking meter?

The stupidity of Portland, and it’s inhabitants, especially the white guilt liberals that live in inner NE and SE (hello Schmidt show voters) who Malcolm X warned us, will just continue voting like their backyard isn’t a dumpster fire.

How much longer will the people of Portland continue to tolerate this type of criminality? Will the entire of downtown be a ghost town? Do property values need to drop 50%? Do businesses need to completely be gone? What will it take for people to change their flawed ideology?

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Current Season Top Chef has a Big problem that no one seems to address


I believe that in the name of "fair" competition, Top Chef has for years disregarded the needs and challenges of people with disabilities and has inadvertently created an unfair environment.

This has been at its most clear in this season with Dan. A contestant that has a chronic illness (Kennys Disease) that throughout the season has had to overcome physical challenges that other contestants simply do not have to. This is not to say that Dan is a victim, nor that he isn't a formidable contestant, he is and I believe he will be in the Top 3.

But it is horribly unfair that contestants with disabilities are not provided with support to level their status in the playing field. By treating all contestant despite of their disabilities equally, Top Chef puts its contestant with disabilities in a position where they are forced to work harder, overcome bigger challenges, and put the health and safety of their bodies at higher risks. My partner and I watch Dans resilience and strength on our screen each week and we think about how he should not be put in some of these positions, especially in challenges that center around extra physical labor. Discussions with contestants as well as disability experts should be had to ensure that everyone is given equal opportunities.

And this is not only relevant to contestants with chronic illnesses, Savannah should not have been in a position where she had to push through (and was at risk for elimination) because of an injury that required serious medical attention. She should have been able to either have assistance while preparing or allowed to sit the competition out, even Danny recognized that Savannah needed extra assistance and offered it to her.

The reality is that Top Chef, and the rest of the culinary world, needs to take steps towards not only being more inclusive of people with disabilities but also take steps to ensure that they are given the same opportunity to succeed. Sometimes equality is not treating every single person the same, but recognizing every persons differences and addressing their unique needs.

Regardless, I cannot wait what else Dan brings to the competition and I really look forward to seeing him in the finale (and hopefully win it all).

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Children at breweries 🤔


When the fuck did this become a thing? I was sitting enjoying a lovely craft beer and all of a sudden it feels like I'm at a 3-year-old's birthday party surrounded by about 10 bratty kids with parents who don't know how to tell their children no. Why lord, why!?

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Pair Eyewear customer is a huge Padres fan

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“Baseball / hockey, San Diego / Philly - what’s the difference?” - Pair Eyewear, apparently.

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Gaming Adding Ads in games isn't really that bad


Recently , there was an outrage in the gaming community when EA shared their thought's about putting Ads in their AAA games . As an indie developer , I really don't see what's so bad . I mean if indie developers start adding ads in areas like the setting's menu , or in the corner somewhere during the cut scenes it would help them recoup their financial losses incurred during the development of their game , and who knows , maybe even turn a slight profit . Yeah , EA may abuse this authority and start adding ads within the main gameplay loop , but subsequent fallout and the generated negativity within the community will force them to limit ads outside the main gameplay loop . So I think this is really a win win situation for all parties involved .

EDIT : Guys , I think there was a confusion . I didn't mean to say that games which are paid should have ads that was a mistake . I'm saying that it should be okay for free PC indie games to have ads . There should be a low priced (3 dollars at most ) version of the game which doesn't have ads . Agree or disagree ?

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Discussion Haven't even finished the prologue and I've already beat all 100 levels in "The Pit Of 100 Trails"

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Wright: "If the Wolves win the title, topic on our shows will be, "Is Anthony Edwards the best player in the league?"... Certainly, if the Mavs win the title, "Is Luka Doncic the best player in the league?" If the Celtics win the title, nobody is saying Jayson Tatum is the best player in the league"


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Cataclysm My first heroic...


So I was all excited to heal my first dungeon as a healer. I read here and elsewhere that they can be challenging for a healer. Got into a Throne of Tides. The four I joined were in the same guild. We made it to the elevator without incident and then I got the message "You have been removed from group." Now I cannot queue again for 30minutes. I have reported them all and sharing a screenshot. This should not be the way it works.

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Anthony Edwards has been badly exposed


Unless Minn makes a miraculous comeback, it's been cringe worthy watching him play and the lapses he's made absolutely resulting in Dallas making runs.

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The Eras Tour Has The Eras Tour overstayed its welcome?


WhenThe Eras Tour kicked off, it was such an exciting spectacle and such a major moment in pop culture. The excitement of the tour for all of 2023 was really palpable, and fans worldwide tuned in to every show to see what would go down. I attended a show in Denver and for all the criticisms Taylor rightfully gets thrown at her, she also deserves praise for the great show and how she turned it into such a big event.

But as the tour stretches on, it feels like the once electrifying experience has started to lose its luster. What began as a fresh and nostalgic trip through her discography and career now feels like a never-ending cycle of her repeating the same things over and over again. The novelty has worn off and the excitement has waned. It also doesn't help that Taylor went above and beyond to maximize the reach of the tour with a TikTok partnership, the theatrical movie and the non-sensical Taylor's Version-ification of the movie for Disney+. It's all been way too much and capitalistic.

The tour has been inescapable and it's starting to feel like it’s time to wrap it up. Like a TV show that runs a few seasons too long, what was once must-see entertainment is now becoming repetitive. I cringe whenever I see her upload a new post on Instagram with the same old costumes we've all already seen and with the same repetitive robotic captions about how amazing the city and crowds were. And with rumors swirling about how she's even going to extend the tour into 2025, it's all just getting too exhausting.

She should've ended the tour in 2023 while it was still on a high, so that she could've give fans a break, let the anticipation build again and come back with a new exciting tour and show concepts, because at this point, The Eras Tour has really become stale and has overstayed its welcome.

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The bubbles in my very healthy lunch drink

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Video but no sound, i wanted to capture the fizzy sound but i work in a loud office.

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🗣 Discussion / Question I'm really afraid hive mind is taking over the sub. I ask a genuine question as to why selling company shares benefits stockholders and get downvoted to hell.


Can you all help me understand how diluting the stock benefits existing shareholders? Since when is selling shares at the expense of long term shareholders a good thing?

I'm just trying to get an understanding on what's happening… How is this any different to what that sleezy popcorn company does to their shareholders over and over again? I’ve held DRS’d shares for years now, i’m not some hater, my post history can validate this.

Edit: Thank y’all for the level headed replies, seeing as our company has no debt and did a cash raise points to them taking action soon in some way or another. Cheers guys, happy Memorial day weekend!

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💡 Education Serious question: if gamestop believes in squeeze theory why would they sell at such low prices?


Hi this is a serious question from my part I am a xxxx holder from 2021 and will continue to do so. But I am still wondering why would gamestop dilute or sell at such low prices if they believe in the squeeze theory. Hope some ape can bring light to my question.

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion The Key to Birthing Gameshire Stopaway is Dilution



I have seen many disjointed posts and comments alluding to the same sort of strategy (including mine), so here’s my attempt at consolidation into a single, easily-digestible post.

RC has everything he needs to create the Gameshire Stopaway holding company (the name wasn’t my idea; someone else came up with it a long while ago and can claim the copyright). The tool is dilution. The funding source is the mountain of shorts that have been preying upon the stock for a decade. Here’s how:

1.       Dilute.

Up to some reasonable percentage. The current 15% filing seems sufficient. Do it when the stock’s price is substantially above the current book value. Higher prices are better of course, but as long as the cash generated far exceeds the dilutive effect, it’s a win for both the company and shareholder (book) value.

So, for example right now, the book value is about $4.40. If they issue and sell 45M shares at only $18 (roughly 4x book value), they generate $810M. After taking into account the 15% dilution from 306M shares to 351M shares, the book value of each share has been boosted from $4.40 to $6.15. Congratulations. You’ve just increased shareholder value by 40%, despite the dilution.


2.       Immediately file for a new dilution

File a new one. Same 15% as before. Always keep one open. Yes, book value is higher now, so you’ll need a greater selling price to gain the same percentage increase, but that’s okay. We can wait. Let the market digest what just happened and realize the dramatic increase in book value. The price projections will adjust upwards, some shorts will close and flee, more people will go long, and so on, creating immense buying pressure. When the price looks good, DILUTE AGAIN.


3.       Rinse and repeat.

Just keep doing it, over and over. After the 2nd or 3rd round, shorts will read the writing on the wall and the flight-en-masse will commence. If MOASS is ever going to happen, this is when. Keep selling shares right into the face of every single run-up their fear creates.


Whether MOASS happens, or doesn’t, isn’t really critical for the company and forever shareholders. It also doesn’t matter if the SEC, DTCC, Robinhood, Kenny, and anyone else short-circuits MOASS, should it occur. The company will be banking a MASSIVE amount of cash. Once things calm down a bit, just start diluting again, because “screw them” and “why not?”  They’re locked-in here with us.

What does the most-conservative endgame look like (assuming MOASS and the utter collapse of the financial system is short-circuited)? Well, after many rounds of this, Gamestop has $50B in cash and 1 billion outstanding shares. Book value of $50+. If invested in treasuries alone at 4.5%, that $50B would generate $2.25 per share per year of pure profit. Not bad for doing nothing. Of course, treasuries are just a bare-minimum holding tank while RC finds more lucrative investments. He can also distribute a percentage of it as recurring dividends. Or we can re-authorize him to sell another billion shares if the shorts aren’t tapped-out yet. Lots of choices. Cross that bridge when it comes.

Gameshire Stopaway has been born, with $50B+ to $50B++++ in cash to invest and 1 billion outstanding shares. It only took a couple years and whole lot of crying, bankrupt hedge funds. RC will have the funds to do exactly what he’s always wanted – power-up into Warren Icahn. This sort of result will NEVER be achieved by just “improving the business.”

And here’s the beauty of it. MOASS is not a requirement. All Gamestop has to do is continuously sell shares into shorts’ fear and hubris. That’s it. Nothing weird and nothing illegal. Want a negotiated settlement? Okay. Let’s say RC is far-overly generous and lets them off the hook on their 4 billion shorts at a paltry $5000 each. Now he’s got a $20 trillion company, all in cash, with 1 billion (or less) outstanding shares. That’s a book value of $20,000 each.

Gameshire Stopaway is the Fed now. We aren’t a company anymore. We’re a distributed country.

Edit 5/24/24 15:30 CDT: Gamestop completed their 45M-share dilution, raising $933M. Avg of about $20.73 a share. Not bad. That should increase the book value from $4.40 to $6.49, or something like that. Gamestop just cashed-up with money they don't need and shareholder value increased by about 47% in the process.

I love it when a plan comes together. If they're wise, they'll issue another standing offer by the morning and F*N do it again when the opportunity feels ripe.

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Israel/Palestine Trudeau says Israel needs to follow ICJ ruling and halt operations in Rafah | CBC News


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Political Project 2025 is a left wing conspiracy theory.


I am involved in a multitude of right wing/ republicans circles and not once have I ever seen mention of project 2025, not have I seen political figures like Trump mention it. I genuinely think that it was created my fearmongering leftists to scare people into not voting for Trump because they can’t make an argument based on the results of Joe Biden as a president. If project 2025 was as bad as people make it out to be then republicans would be trying to damage control it constantly yet they never do because it’s not a thing. You only see it being spoken about in leftist circles.

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Normal Discussion I honestly feel like this sub might be an echo chamber and not represent the majority of Idaho.


A couple of decades ago a family member of mine received a position in Idaho after completing his residency and fellowship. My family visits his family for a couple of weeks every summer in Idaho. We were shocked by how amazing Idaho is. My county in 2 weeks will have more homicides than the entire state of Idaho will have all year despite having the same population. Yes not my state but my county. Idaho is truly a great place to raise your family. My family member, his wife, and two sons love it there. Idaho is so beautiful. It doesn't get the credit that Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado get. Also I was amazed by some of the great independently owned food options you had here. The locals are also extremely nice. In every list that uses objective metrics and actual stats like violent crime rate/homicides, Idaho is always a top 5 best state. Idaho's economy is doing amazing. Idaho is number 1 in economic growth, number 8 in business environment, and 14th in employment which makes it the 2nd best economy in the country. Idaho is also very fiscally stable. Crime is very low. Idaho is also in the top third of all states in education, infrastructure (5th lowest electricity prices), and health care (number 8th in overall health care quality, number 1 in quality of primary care, and has the best nursing home quality in the whole country). Please be thankful that you live in such an amazing state. Everybody I have talked to who lives in Idaho loves it, and calls it heaven on Earth. It is shocking to see the high level of negativity and hate people on this sub have towards Idaho.

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🐵 Discussion 💬 Did Gamestop just buy Turtle Corp?


I think I may be on to something, and seeing some coincidences surrounding this company.
With $200 million probably being invested somewhere as we could see in the most recent filings. And Turtle Corp having a marketcap of about $350M (But about 30% less when they may have bought, so that would be about exactly $200M)

Is it possible Gamestop bought Turtle Corp ($HEAR)?

On March 15 Larry Cheng tweeted he's looking for Micro-cap consumer companies.

Just one day before on March 14 Turtle Corp stock price shot up by 26% (They may have bought into the company here)

I've posted a long time before about this tweet from RC. "When you BUY a TURTLEneck"

They make exactly gaming consumer items, and would fit with Gamestop I think.
Could this be the first company they acquired?

Wanna know what you wrinkled apes make of this. It may be far fetched, and I'm not sure if buying this company would make any sense, I further no nothing about this company, so no solicitation to buy either. But it may be worth having a look/

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girls, does size matter and why?