r/therewasanattempt May 15 '24

to act happy about your Royal portrait.

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u/Broote May 15 '24

Wait, this whole time it was real? I thought that was just a meme! Holy shit


u/ihateusernames999999 May 15 '24

So did I! That painting is so horrible. I thought it had to be fake.


u/E-Pluribus-Tobin May 15 '24 edited May 15 '24

I think it's cool. More interesting than a portrait that just looks like a photo of the man


u/illegalcheese May 15 '24

I agree. I think it makes him look insanely evil, and old, and the red-on-red is a little awkward. But something about the art style and brush strokes and the bold color makes it seem really dramatic and bombastic. Not necessarily suitable for a royal portrait, but it's pretty cool looking in and of itself.


u/bz0hdp May 15 '24

The fact that it isn't "suitable" I think is one of the points the artist is making, and shows how sincerely brave it was to execute this way. The British Royal Family have been desk murderers for eternity. There is even less excuse to ignore this past than before information was really available. The "suitable" thing for nobility to do is to act as leaders into a modern, healthy future. Instead, we know that despite being wrapped in the ornaments of authority, education and manners, they continue to hoard the wealth and artifacts stolen from colonized peoples. If Charles had done anything other than perpetuate the status quo, he might deserve a more "suitable" and flattering portrait. But to the majority of the world, his family is responsible for incredible bloodshed.