r/therewasanattempt May 15 '24

to act happy about your Royal portrait.

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u/Book_talker_abouter May 15 '24

I can’t tell from the comments here, but do people think that this was like a surprise? The media and king Charles himself would unveil a painting that no one on his team had ever seen?


u/VashPast May 15 '24

He looked like he discovered a bomb when he saw it lol.


u/sams_fish May 15 '24

I think it was more to avoid the cover from the painting falling on him


u/8----B May 15 '24

Yeah, why not? It’s absurd how often redditors assume the world is only people who are manipulative and double faced liars. He had a painting commissioned and wanted his reaction to be televised. It’s not a grand conspiracy, Jesus.


u/TeamRedundancyTeam May 15 '24

Funny you say that because this was on /r/conspiracy earlier.

Edit: I just checked, there are like four threads on the front page about it.


u/FIR3W0RKS May 15 '24

It would have been checked by whoever it was who actually commissioned it for the king I would imagine, because you're somewhat correct in that they definitely would not let the king reveal a painting to the media without knowing for certain it was nothing dodgy.

However I don't think the king himself and most others on his team will have seen it before the reveal. This isn't reality TV, it's an unveiling of an official portrait.

Wouldn't want to be the guy who signed off on this portrait though, the King looks like he wants the artists head on a spike after he unveils it lol, which gives even more credence to my reasoning.


u/Ch0ng0B0ng0 May 15 '24

Was wondering this as well