r/therewasanattempt May 15 '24

to act happy about your Royal portrait.

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u/ExpectoPerfecto May 15 '24

I'm glad you're saying pink cause I felt like I was going crazy with everyone calling it red. It looks extremely pink + the butterflies (and the green/brown mixed in, honestly) makes me think flowers. I don't know anything about the royal family or England, really, but I assumed it was a color chosen from a flower that has some significance.

I like the portrait, though, so maybe I'm just grasping. I'm not an art critic I don't know. lol


u/banananutnightmare May 15 '24

Same it's hot fucking pink, have any of these people seen blood before?


u/Anen-o-me May 15 '24

Damn, blood would be a lot cooler if it was hot pink.


u/Beatrix_Kiddos_Toe May 15 '24

And I love the pinkish hue. I don't see anything close to blood or the red used to depict violence


u/Anen-o-me May 15 '24

I do too. The idea that this is somehow a statement is silly and pure assumption. What it is, is striking and memorable.

I've already ordered an unauthorized wall print for my mum who loves the royal family, after AI-upscaling the best version I could find.


u/Onironaute May 15 '24

I believe it's the colour of the uniform he's wearing?