r/therewasanattempt May 15 '24

to act happy about your Royal portrait.

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u/ZRhoREDD May 15 '24

Curious about the artist's intent here. Not a lot of GOOD ways to make an all red portrait. Are we burning? Is he bathed in blood? Is he Communist?


u/thetransportedman May 15 '24 edited May 15 '24

Regardless of the bright color, making the foreground clothing pattern identical to the background is a terrible composition choice and a reason nobody does it. It just looks like an underpainting with the hands and face finished at the moment

And the background itself is strange. The general stroke patterns in each quadrant is different with the top left smears likely out of focus monarch butterflies since there’s a second half painted one in there. But the brush patterns match the curvature of his head which is awkward. And then the top right is horizontal strokes while the bottom half is vertical. All this to say a bunch of distracting inconsistencies bringing the viewers attention to everything but the subject of a royal portrait which is indeed an odd choice lol


u/littlebobbytables9 May 15 '24

That's 100% intentional