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Loss Time to quit… goodbye wallstreet bets

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Loss I was told to sell covered calls to degenerates

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Loss I’m out

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Now that I have karma let’s try this again.

Welp never thought this would be me but here I am. Started in August of 2020 with meme stocks and found options quickly after. I’m turning 26 in a couple weeks still live with my parents could’ve bought a house but this was all my money I have plus a 30k loan. Not to mention I blew up an Ira that had 15k in it. Welp back to the construction grind and time to tell my family. Wish me luck or better yet start a go fund me lol. Make me a meme to remember me by. Im out of the market forever ✌️

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Loss Diamond hands broked me

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Loss I lost $60k total trading…need advice

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So I made some money last week buying the heavily traded stocks. Sold for a gain at $44k and lost it all and then some in some god awful haymaker play hoping to recoup my total losses overnight and make 30k. Opposite hapoened and then some.

Im 23, have 100k of school debt (im in a doctoral program currently). I have no idea what to do. Im not working as I'm mainly studying still living at home. This was all the money I saved working before I started school. I've lost $60k total in stocks and I'm at an all time low sanity-wise. I really am hating my life right now and I have no idea what to do. This feels like the end of the road for me. I really hate myself. What do i do….

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Loss RH has ruined my life

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Retirement has been postponed I bought puts, stocks went up! I bought calls , stocks went down! What the hell wrong with stock market??? Why can’t i be right once?? Retail traders like myself will only lose money if they keep manipulating the price. It’s totally rigged. My future is dark and contemplating on filling bankruptcy. I deposited another 5k yesteday and casually lost 2.5k today by being 🐻. With 2.7k left, how can i make it back to 87k? What’s the next earning play i can YOLO my money into?

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Loss Adios 🦧

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Loss Lost job, money, and hope at 24. Need advice and comeback stories. Anyone made a big comeback after hitting rock bottom?

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I made $20k 3 times in the past 4 months from $1000 but i lost them the 3 times! I know i don’t learn, my risk management is terrible and i keep trying different strategies and listening to different people but i haven’t foundd the way that constantly works for me. But now i feel like giving up (i feel like a disappointment) and i hit rock bottom. I even sold my longterm holdings and my crypto to play options and lost them all. Criticize me, i deserve it.

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Loss This was me 3 years ago . I lost it all.

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I sold amc for about $900,000 profit. Lost it all 7 months later. My ex gf left me shortly after. and I said fuck USA and left to live in Thailand and Bali for a year 🥂

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Loss Lost 80k within 6 years of trading.


Lost 80k within 7 years of trading. Today I start with only 100$ in my account and will make all my losses back by end of the year. Just wait 🤡🤡🥴🥹❤️🙏

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Loss $24k —> $26

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Thought I’d share since I keep seeing all these huge gains. Y’all ain’t had much to crank your hawgs to recently. UVXY shares to begin with as you see from the early, steady losses. Followed by the discovery of options which you can clearly tell. No impressive YOLOs just the uncanny ability to lose money.

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Loss My life’s over, here’s my final advice

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Quit now, options is rigged and ultimately controlled by market makers and hedge funds. 6 Green Day's in a row and then a pull back, like what happened that is so significant in these past 7 days for a bull run to occur. If you don't want to quit options, at least stay away from selling options and a margin account, if I could go back I wouldn't have done it this way but it's too late for me.

TLDR: save yourself, from one man to another less

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Loss I called my wife an idiot when she told me to sell BABA at $220 for a small loss. What do I do now?

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Loss How to lose 100k in 3.5 years

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Am I doing this right? November 2020 till now….

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Loss AMC 📉

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I’m 18 yrs old, these are my life savings burnt 📉🥰

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Loss About a grand a week over 3 years

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Quite literally, every single trade does the opposite of what I want

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Today is my last day I can't do this anymore. Every time I say I'm done I still trade but this times it's over. I can't do this anymore I have no saving nothing I'm poor and not supposed to. I don't have food for dinner since I just lost it all. Please if you're reading this don't trade options. It'll ruin your life.

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Loss Officially quitting 67k loss over 3 years

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I love you all as you’ve brought me nothing but rushes of joy and nonstop heart palpitations but I just can’t do it anymore. Options just isn’t for me. Lost 67k over the course of a few years from just options alone. Life would be so much better if I just deleted the app. The rush just isn’t worth it anymore y’all. Plus I’m broke atm LMAO so onto bigger and better things. I’ve got a future to think about

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Loss I don’t know what to do . My head hurts

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Lost on NVDA calls and then today on AAPL calls 200 for 6/21 . Had 200 contracts and got decimated . Savings gone

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Loss Alright Bath and Bodyworks guy where the Fuck are you ?

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I listened to your bipolar rant and ran with it. Maybe my dumbest impulse trade of all time. Have you returned to Bath and Bodyworks since your previous 200 visits.

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Loss Can I borrow some money from some of you guys?

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Loss I am straight up not having a good time

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at what point do I retire from this? plz pump meme stocks

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Loss This is it

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Never thought I’d be here and feel this way but I’m done. I’m never on the good side of the trade I’m pulling out what little money I have to party it up one last time and then I’m deleting myself. I fucking hate this life and don’t deserve to have one being this much of a dumbass

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Loss $500k Loss Porn, Repost but idk what mods want there’s so many positions.


Like nearly 100% SPY 0DTE positions with some TSLA inbetween. 24 years old. Made most of this money from Crypto in 2021 so it’s not like it was my retirement. But yeah you can imagine how I feel, hopefully you boys feel better about your losses.

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Loss Man loses a 1.4 million dollar bet to win… 11k. A loss that puts Wallstreetbets to shame:

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